Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We Are Moved!

Are you tired of hearing about it yet?  Well we are just plain tired so bear with us.  Just so you know there were some minor miracles in this move.  Monday the 17th of Sep. Rod had been loading large shelf units from the garage onto the brother-in-law's trailer all morning.  He spent the afternoon arranging equipment in a neighbor's barn so he could store his TR6 there.  He was just puting the car on blocks, twisting to raise the jack one more notch when he hurt his back... badly.  Not as badly as it had been hurt several years ago but enough that he was out of commision in the lifing department. Now what? His last episode left him working for months to recover his strenght and mobility.  We still had a whole house full of furniture and lots of boxes to move.  We were both anxious and stressed. There were lots of heart felt prayers about what to do. Yes, we had to swallow some pride. I finally called Alicia's husband Eric.  He generously took a day off of work on Thur, brought his trailer over with a friend and loaded almost all of our furniture onto it, hauled it over to the warehouse, unloaded the first trailer and his trailer and stacked everything for us.  A true answer to prayers.  It was hard on Rod to lie down while other people worked, especially hauling our stuff. I sent him to the gym to soak in the jacuzzi so that I could fill the pickup.  The next day we hauled that over and lo and behold there were people to help unload.  It is the little things.  Each day he got better, much more quickly than the previous time his back was injured.  After just 1 week he was able to lift moderate weight if he was careful. He and I loaded our bed and he was able to unload it alone. My sweet sister-in-law spent 3 days helping me clean, and our good home teachers have lent us their downstairs to live in while we wait for our visas, which made it much easier to move. anything that we might need, we just took to their house. When the bed got loaded, we had a place close by to sleep and clothes could just go directly from one closet to another.  That last day of cleaning was hard.  We were worn out.  Our friends from college called and took us out to supper, then sweet Linda washed floors on hands and knees.  Finally it was done Friday the 28th about 10 pm.  I know that lots of you out there would gladly have come help if I had just asked.  I am just not good at that.  I will have to develop that skill and the humility to use it.  I always think I can just do it myself, and I probably could have but not in the time that we had. We spent Sat morning finishing up the garage and junky side yard.  There will still be a day of fixing sprinklers but we are DONE!
Now we are going to try to be 'retired'.  We plan a trip to visit the Tucson kids and another to Las Vegas for a baby blessing. Then... an adventure or 2.