Friday, June 19, 2015

Tucson times

Another week, another expedition! Daughter-in-law went to girl's camp so we covered for her for 3 days.  We had a great time with our grand daughters and kept them busy.... or maybe they kept us busy.   Either way it was fun.
There are no photos but we had a great time swimming and were impressed with their skills.
We made 'slime' with glue and borax.

 We also made clay.  The mermaid got sleepy as you can see. I am so impressed with their creativity.

 We enjoyed getting to know this youngest grand daughter.

She picked up this card and proceeded to have a conversation....on the thinnest telephone ever!
I am excited to get in on the conversation....once we learn to speak the same language.

We discovered a pumpkin in their garden and got permission to carve it. 

What is wrong with an early Halloween?  And who could resist a chance to play with fire?  Not Grammy for sure!

There were treats, a movie at the theatre, and lots of other fun thanks to Sara's good planning.
We may have even built forts out of blankets. I seldom let my kids do this as it seemed to make such a mess.  I'm trying to better as an old lady.

We are so thankful for our kids and their efforts to raise righteous families.  We have decided however, that there is a reason parenting happens when we are younger!  It gets harder as we get older and lose stamina and strength. Still, we love these times we get to spend with these amazing kids and getting to know them better.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Summer Begins

What better way to start the summer than with a birthday party?  Why with a Pretty Pony birthday party of course.  Grand daughter Ellie is now 6.  She wanted pretty pony, so her Dad got REAL PONIES!!!  What a wonderful party!  M was at least as impressed with the giant helium balloon as with the ponies.

I volunteered to make the cake.  It was a hit.

Here is the 6 year old herself, in the saddle!

Brother Ben was pretty impressed too!

The ponies were  dressed up in unicorn regalia for the occasion. 

The waiting was hard.
For everyone!

But sooooo worth it!

The lady of the day got to help lead the horses!!!

Castillo cousins loved it too!

There were gifts too!  What a great day for a sweet girl.
Rod received a new calling..... bishop of our Udall ward!  One of his first duties was to attend girls camp.  We spent the day in the cool country and enjoyed getting to know the girls and wonderful staff.

We put our hand prints on a banner they had made!
It said 'Embark'...I assume in the service of the Lord.
I loved that the interior shape of the m was formed by an anchor.

Ready or not?

I loved this dandelion sparkling in the sun. 

We had a great campfire progrqam

I had to photograph the green flame...

And the moon through the trees.
oh and this really pretty fern.
 This last week there was an unexpected wedding.  Here is the cake I made.....I hope they liked it.
Life has become quite busy now. It is a good thing though.  I am afraid we would get lazy and unproductive and you remember what Jesus did to the fig tree that had no fruit???  Yea, I'd rather be busy.