Monday, February 9, 2015

Birthdays plus

Between remodeling, moving, and helping Mom, our days have been full!  I also started back to ceramic class.  I love it but wish my work equaled what my imagination envisions.  I will just have to keep working on it. 
Our sweet kids planned a birthday party for Rod.  He and I both got the time fixed in our heads wrong and then to top it off, I forgot that I was making the cake till about the time we were supposed to be there.  We ended up arriving quite late but they were gracious and we still had a good time.

What? You don't have a wrestling mat in your living room?  Well I guess you don't have the active family we do! We are sure enjoying our grandbabies!!!

Thanks to Alicia and Eric for hosting it at their home.

Cousins are the Best!!!

Except maybe for Sisters!  They had karaoke as the entertainment.  The daughters lead the way. 

M enjoyed handling the mike but was reluctant to let Poppop take a turn. 


Ahhh back in charge!

We enjoyed hanging out with these kids one evening.

We got to know this cute little button a bit better.
 We drove down to 'northern Mexico' (Tucson) for Anna's birthday too!
Birthday Princess

Oh oh.  Big sister had to get in on the act!

They are all such dolls!
Yesterday we decided to go on a hike, well it was more of a walk. We don't get much time with Goldie, our dog so we took her with us.  It was lovely.  We had 3 solid days of rain leading up to the super bowl.  That meant that the desert is just bursting with new growth and will be blossoming soon.

 It smelled fabulous too.  I have missed the creosote bushes' smell. There was something blossoming too, Yummy.  It was quiet and almost no other people.

There is not a lot new this week.  Mom is improving a little.  Brains heal slowly you know.  A few more shelves built in our house, and a few more boxes unloaded. All is well!