Thursday, August 11, 2016

A visit to the MIM

Phoenix has several museums, and I have visited lots of them.  My husband does have a degree in Humanities you know.  My favorite has to be the MIM (Musical Instrument Museum)!  There are instruments from all over the world of course, but the cool thing is that you wear head phones that are activated by your proximity to each display.  Each has a screen where you see and hear the instrument being played by the people of the country, plus often some history or a festival.  In some cases you watch the construction of the instruments.  As you can see, there are costumes too.

She identified the mermaid right off!

This is the eastern music section.
When baby got hungry we went down to the family room.  There were boxes of toys and instruments to play with.  Genius!
We decided that hungry kids wouldn't have much patience, so we ate our lunch.  We enjoyed having Great Grandma with us. 
The peanut butter sticks to the roof of your mouth. Great Grandma is such a trouper!

Two pretty ladies!
  The first time I went, I didn't get to all of the exhibits, and I was dying to try to play some of the exhibits.  It took all my self control not to touch.  This time I made sure we went to the 'experience' part of it and Lo and Behold...we got to try all kinds of music makers.   I was more tickled than the kids.  I may have to go back when I can spend more time here.

He had to try everything but only spent a moment on each one.


He's not interested in posing either.

We weren't alone either.   Note the 'bells' in the back ground.  Those where what I was most interested in playing.

They both loved the player piano!  The docent let M play it twice!
There are examples of instruments from all over the world, plus, in the US section they had disassembled and displayed a guitar and a grand piano so you can see all the parts and how they go together.  They have old, current and regional  music displays.  The admission is expensive ($20 for adults and $10  for kids over senior discount either) but it includes the ear phones and I find it very much worth it!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Just July

My husband's favorite holiday is July 4th....Independence Day.  We used to throw huge parties at our house and he would spend half the day decorating and then cook all the hot dogs and hamburgers and ribs.   There are advantages to having a small house.  The kids throw the parties now!  We just took food and showed up.  Thank you Darling Alicia and Eric for throwing the party this year.

The spread!

Rod isn't really grumpy.  I just didn't warn him.  He is holding our newest grandbaby.  He loves that.

There were sound effects and I think  he was a superhero. We are learning his language.   Superheros are' NaNas'...from the batman theme.

Aunt Geneva brought home made ice cream.

Pop Pop has the magic touch!

There are too many kids in this tub....sure having fun though.
Rod kept the kids busy for 45 minutes bringing him cushions, 'tea', play foods and more, all requested in a most royal accent.  They had such fun!  Note the 'crown'.

 My sweet niece is getting married, so we had to throw a shower.  I have a phobia about throwing parties....but it turned out great, largely due to her aunt on the other side.  Yea for family!

Isn't she gorgeous?

Mom and the other aunt.

The guests were happy!


Grandma!  I asked her to make chili cheese sandwiches (Grandpa's Favorite) and the punch was served in her other Grandma's silver punch bowl. It was a fun way to remember those we miss.

Alicia always makes it fun!

more guests

My sister let us have it at her house!  The quilt on the sofa was made by her Mom out of my Dad's shirts!
I am so thankful for Family!  They are what make this life worth living! The parties are just a whole lot more fun with my family there too.  I love you all!