Sunday, October 18, 2015

SLC and the Reunion

Did you know that Salt Lake City has Coool weather right now?  We actually got to experience it too!  We decided to 'go to conference' which is interpreted as ....we drove up to Utah for our 'mission reunion and then watched conference on President's TV.  We had a fabulous time!
A hiking trip to Havasupai had been planned and much anticipated by Rod and several of 'our missionaries' but the trip had to be canceled due to rain and flooding.  As a consolation we decided to indulge in a visit to the cool country!
Our Amazing President and Sister Deere held a reunion at their house and were so kind as to allow us to spend a few days as their guests!  After getting to see them, the highlight was seeing all our dearly beloved missionaries of the Spain Malaga Mission!
PS  The Deeres have a gorgeous home and amazing yard!
Here are photos of a few of our missionaries.  

Including President's first 'grandmissionary' and the Wilsons!

President Deere

Old married folks!

He forgot what standing next to Elder Castillo for a photo means....Wedgie!

The flash was off but I had to keep it even though it was out of focus! 

We loved seeing everyone!  I am of mixed feelings.  I really want to put names on the photos because I will very soon be unable to remember them but I don't want to put more info on the net than people want to have out there.  Anyway, we love you all!  If you want me to forward any photos, let me know!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Missed it

I Seem to have missed about half of September, at least as far as the blog is concerned.  I am glad I take photos.  I think I wouldn't remember anything I did without them.  So here is the synopsis.
Bishop Castillo performed his first 'after the mission' wedding.  They wanted a Very small ceremony so Rod obliged, but we had to make it a celebration so there was cake, Martinelli's, and some flowers.  We are very happy for them!

Like many folks around here, I had to photograph the eclipse of the 'blood moon'.  It was fascinating!

This is the view from the back of our condo.  Of course, photos don't do it justice.
 Then there was a 8th birthday.  My sister's eldest daughter.  I kind of love that her kids are my grandkids' ages.  Mormons!
 Our Mom usually has made baptism dresses but she just wasn't up to it this year so I stepped in.  My niece's delight made it very gratifying!

That is a cute family there!
 My cute husband planned a surprise activity for us!  It was going kayaking on the lake, just the two of us.  We had such a good time.  It was lovely and warm which is very nice when you are in the lake water.  I loved it!!!
 Thanks to our kids for lending them too us!

There was an animal running on the arm of this saguaro to the cliff.   

We were not alone, but I was glad when this one passed.  One of the things I love about canoeing is the quiet....not possible while this was near.
 We stopped in a cove and had lunch that Rod had packed.
Look how the water sparkles!
With our heat, the water is quite a lovely green too.
There were a couple of sadnesses...
Rod discovered a broken part on his new backpack.  We are hoping REI will fix it for him.
 During our day on the lake, I got a sunburn on my finger....a place I never have been burned before.

 That is because I had to take off my ring.  I lost the diamond out of it.  Because they are wielded together I can't wear just the band.  The setting is vicious without the stone. I was grateful that I didn't feel too broken hearted about this...just sad.  I think the mission helped me feel less 'hung up' on Things and more focused  on relationships.  What a blessing that this marriage relationship is eternal!  A little piece of carbon won't impact anything about that.

 We had a fun Fiesta as a combined activity with the Spanish branch tied to our ward.

  I told Rod we had to wear our Spanish outfits even if they don't really 'go with' the theme.  We just won't get many chances and we have to take advantage of any that come along to 'get our money's worth' from them.  I loved it! That skirt is such fun to dance in!
A Chilena!!!

There were various encounters with the grandkids that aren't recorded, but we met up with these cuties as they went to Wally World for photos.  Sure do love them.

So grateful to have such an amazing family!