Sunday, August 23, 2015

Time Away

Every one needs a little time 'away from it all'!  You might think that being retired would make that less so, but it just might be even more needful.  You see, your days can become very similar.  It's not that you want to do differently exactly, but a change is a real treat.  When my Mom and I drove down to Tucson, she confided to me that she had looked forward to the trip just as a change from the usual.
For me, my ceramics is one of those things.  I look forward all week to my classes and miss them during the breaks.  This is a haul of bisque ware that had been fired at the same time.  I am very happy with everything here, though the glazing wasn't always as successful.  I will try to get a photo of them fired.

yes, the pitcher has a mustache... it was fun!

Here are some syrup/gravy pitchers I made to give to our former missionaries. 
 If anyone has a request, I will try to make it.  I can do platters, bowls, pitchers, and planters.  I am working on some taller pieces.  We'll see.  If you wish to give a home to any of my creations, let me know!

We had planned a beach trip with one of our missionaries who has never seen the ocean.  Well, he went and got engaged...silly boy... and found he had other priorities for his time and money.  We decided we still wanted to go so we headed off to San Diego for a couple of days.  It was wonderful and relaxing.

We wandered old town, spent several hours on the beach...with the sunburns to prove it, and revisited the San Diego temple for some sealings. It is just lovely.  How grateful we are for our Temples and the perspective they give us on our life problems.  We still love getting to visit as we drive....we don't seem to just talk as much when there are phone calls, TV, and electronics to distract us. It was just FUN!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

August Heat

How do you handle the heat in Mesa?  If you are smart, you get your kids to invite you to the lake! We had such a fun time.  Thank you kids for having us come. 

There were young children from at least 3 families.  That means heightened watchfulness but more fun too.

We loved playing with all the big kid toys. 


I don't know what that is called but it was fun....


 And harder than it looks.  Rod and I both fell off.  The daughter, however, practiced yoga on it!  With kids 'helping'.  Way to make to make me feel old.
 I was photographing the yoga on her phone.

Can you tell that Eric works in the heat?  He is prepared!
 We had such a great time.  Ummmm Kids, can we borrow the kayak next week?

We are excited to welcome the newest family member, Lanea, my niece.  Alicia came to the baby blessing with her whole family matching My dress that I wore 40 years ago.  I think I even made it. 
Love you family!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2015


We have come to the end of July, one of the hottest months of the year!  One advantage of our heat is the prolific cactus population we have here.  They are surprisingly beautiful.  I hadn't ever noticed the cholla (jumping cactus) flower before, at least that I remember.  I thought it was truly lovely.
I was out in the desert at dusk with my daughter.  For Christmas she gave me an archery class.  Our kids have started giving 'activities' rather than gifts because, truth to tell, we really don't need any more stuff!  I am in awe of our kids.  This is such a smart idea, especially when the activity is done together.  Making  Memories..... Truly Priceless!  Anyway, this month, we found time to take the class.  We had such fun.  I found out that I am left eye dominate.  I never knew that before.  I have done archery before but I had to completely  change my way of shooting.  They are trying to keep the old girl flexible I guess.  Anyway, we had such fun.  I plan on introducing my grand kids to this when they get old enough.  Those of you who live in the valley, the classes are at Usery Pass park and cost only the $6 per car that any park use costs.  They provide equipment and instruction for the first class.  A fabulous deal!

We got to try both kinds of bow!

The boot on my rt foot is because of my afore mentioned broken toe.  It has recovered nicely, by the way.

We both managed a bull's about 20 feet.
 Another exciting event was the return of niece Caisa from her mission to Russia!  She is amazing!  reading her letters home was a spiritual boost each week.  She got to meet brand new niece Lanea Rose.

The very  happy parents and Grandma

The balloon kept Miles busy

While his mama took photos!  She is an amazing photographer!
 For Pioneer day, there were fun activities for the kids in the AZ Temple visitor's center.  Marcie decided to bring her littles to the activity and we happened to run into niece Shane's darling family! 

Another adventure this month was a visit to the Phx Temple.  Our ward has many older single  sisters who aren't able to drive, especially to Phx.  The Mesa Temple is closed for some remodeling so 'Bishop Castillo' decided that we needed to have an outing.  We borrowed a van and did a session at the Phx Temple, then went for lunch.  These ladies are a riot.  We had such fun!  Maybe you all can come next time!
We got to do family names for one sister.  Just so you know, one of these ladies is 92!  Don't limit yourself! (one of the lessons I learned)
We are growing in love and appreciation for our sweet ward members!  The Lord knows what he is doing.  Hard as it sometimes is, we need to 'hush our fears' and trust a loving Heavenly Father.  He can do so much more with our resources and time than we can, and His promises are Sure!