Monday, February 22, 2016

Cowboy Castillos, the 2015 family photo

Those who have visited our home, know that we have had a thematic family portrait taken every year since 1981. Walking down our hall and looking at these photos is like a time machine ride.  We rather expected that the tradition would fade as our kids moved out and had families of their own but I am delighted to report that so far we have kept it up, or rather the kids have continued to make it happen.  Here is the 2015 version! Credit belongs to Marilyn Freeman, photographer!

Aren't they gorgeous?  We are missing one daughter-in-law who was ill but we are so grateful the other were able to join us making memories, strengthening relationships and having a great time together!
Now for the more honest look!

And now.....Blue Steel!

Now the individual shots!

I don't have oldest son Keith's family photo here.

 This is second son Todd's family.

Oldest Daughter Alicia and her crew! Thanks Eric for our boys' darling outfits.

Second Daughter Geneva's family.

Youngest Daughter Elena's trio!

The youngest grandbaby....for 6 more months!
What a blessing these wonderful people are.  I can't quite believe how amazing they All are!
Love them!

Monday, February 8, 2016

In honor of!

My husband didn't used to like having a birthday in Jan.  Gifts were 'counted' for both birthday and Christmas...definitely not fair.  Now he likes having a Jan birthday...the sales mean he gets more gift for the money!
Regardless, we feel very lucky that he was born and enjoy the chance to celebrate the amazing man he is....

  See? I told you he was Amazing!  Second daughter found him the perfect gift!

In addition, he found a guy who repairs Triumphs!  So Amazing.... the treasured TR6, after several months of work is now back on the road!  For years, if he had the time to work on it, he had no money, and if he had the money, he had no time.  Now, and expert has gotten it running...well! It's been 20 years since it has really been driven.   There are still a few problems but it is licensed and insured and wonderful to have 2 vehicles again!

And it's Soooo Cute!

That is a happy driver there!

There he goes! 

I am profoundly blessed to have this man in my life. " I did but love a little if I could say how much!"