Sunday, April 26, 2015

Adventures to the North

Part of the fun of this retired life is getting to go  on trips.  Before the mission, we took a trip to New York City and Boston.  So fun!  This past month we headed up to parts north of us, Utah, Idaho, and Washington state.
I felt quite smart because we needed to strip all the citrus from our trees at the Spring house but I hate to throw away good food, so we did the picking Monday morning, loaded the fruit into the back of the truck, along with things for Elena and family, and then headed out.  We gave fruit away all along the trip.  Sometimes I have good ideas.  You would not have believed how much fruit we had from our few fruit trees.
I had to show off.  My very own photo looks like a pro's.  I took it from the roof of the conference center.

 The first leg was to SLC for Elder Schieble's wedding.  Elder Dansie's family generously hosted us While we stayed there.  The wedding was so beautiful (of course).  They were married by the parent Schiebles' mission president (They met on their mission).  He is now a GA and had to speak the next day in General Conference. (yes, I was impressed!)

All these trees were in bloom.  I can't resist!!!
 We enjoyed a wonderful luncheon in the JS building then attended a reception that evening. 
Nah, he's not happy....

They do make a darling couple!!!

 It almost felt like a mission reunion as so many of our missionaries attended the reception.  What a joy it was to see them and get short updates on their lives.  We sure love them all, and felt so loved by them too!!!

We may have corrupted them... they were not this nutty in the field!
We got to spend some time with these fun, amazing young people..... missionaries we met and grew to love in Spain.
Cool Dudes Bird, Walker, and Bivens

I immediately thought Newsies!

We got to meet Elder Flint's sweetie!

Elsworth and Brown just got engaged!
Hnas Grant and Theobold.

Bird and Norton
Sorry, I only know last names and often have  a hard time pulling those out of the old brain.

We got up our second morning in SLC to ....Snow....
This is the park the Dansie's house backs up to. 

 Obviously, the snow didn't last long but we knew we were in Utah!
We headed up to Logan and went to a session with Elder Keller and his fiancé, then continued into Idaho.
I will break up the report of this trip into several posts, just as a favor to my readers.  Love you all!