Saturday, March 14, 2015

Time is March-ing On

Do you realize we have been back in the states for 3  Months!!!  I have a really hard time believing it myself.  Time is moving much faster than during the least to me. 
We have had very full days so I guess that is normal.  The last load of boxes is out of storage and the contents have found their homes, the furniture is posted on Craig's list for sale, the decorating is much as it ever is, the garden is growing, and the first session of my ceramics class has finished.  I am spending less time with my Mom, as she continues to improve and seems up to resuming her normal life.  We have begun reclaiming the Spring street house's yard.  That means 3-4 days a week doing yard work, trimming trees, harvesting citrus, and digging out random trees and weeds that want to make our garden their home.  Wonder why I'm so tired?  The most exciting part is that Grandbaby # 13 is soon to arrive.   We can't wait!!!

Rod spent today getting the scout master training for his new church calling.  I will be teaching in Relief Society.  We are planning a trip to Tucson next week, oh and a scout campout too.   Then we'll be heading up to SLC and on to Seattle in a couple of weeks.  That means I need to get a baby quilt made.  I got all the baby clothes cleaned and repaired to take with us.  Our kids are beginning to dread our visits because we always saddle them with more sentimental treasures that we aren't going to keep any more.  By the way kids, if you toss it, we will never know!  No harm, no foul. 

I promised photos.  I expect you would be disappointed if there weren't photos, right? 

This is the before shot.  Notice the aloe vera that is totally overgrown and the bougainvillea that is blocking our window and a risk of cuts to me.  It is very thorny and I always get scratched.

Now that space has a grow box with tomatoes, peppers beans and lettuce. Thanks Mom for the box!
 (The gravel area behind the box is the neighbor's space.  Not much room!)

I trimmed back the larger shrub and planted flowers on the other side of our back door.

Stocks and petunias have replaced the aloe vera .  Rain lilies are coming.

Rod had to preserve a little bit of Spain with red geraniums. 
 We recovered the seats of our kitchen chairs.  The electronic frame you see in the background has the memory card from our mission.  We love getting to see images from the mission throughout the day.

Cousin Liana and K came to visit. 
Great Grandma loved getting to know darling K!

Farewell Furniture!

So long sweats.  Mom made these and sent them to me for Christmas on the first mission.  I have worn them Christmas morning ever since.

This was the bed spread I had on my bed as a child.  I remember pretending that dolls were going from place to place in each picture.

This sweater was sent to me during the first mission by a certain elder who was serving in Chile at the time.  I wore it for years but now it is too small.
It is hard to let go of sentimental treasures but they don't have much meaning to anyone else and they aren't useful, no reason to keep them.  I am glad for the photos though.

I was excited that we found the dressy clothes that I had been missing!  It took over 4 hours to iron everything and get it ready to wear!!!  It's done now though.   Hooray!
Hope you are having a great week!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Feburary is fading!

Life is just too exciting to record here.  What, you don't believe me?  I'm Hurt! Okay, you're right.  I just didn't get around to writing last week, or was it two weeks? 
Just so you don't think I have forgotten you, here is our update.  We continue to unpack. Surprise!  There is just one more load of boxed  (I know I said that last time. I hope this time it's true.) We actually sold off the white sofa and tables.  Thank you Craig's list and of course second daughter for showing us how to use it!  This last load of boxes included the storied Spiderman Collection!  For those of you who thought he was exaggerating.... Seeing is believing

"But it's Mine!"

The shirts and hats pile.

These two shelves are all that he let himself keep!  What discipline!
He kept sentimental treasures and things he can actually use.  He took the comic books, and lots of the unopened things around to comic book stores and used book stores and managed to sell all but one last box full of treasures.  We are thinking we will bequeath most of this to grandchildren. Sorry kids!
Next came a big project that I have been putting off.  The wing back chairs were kept but needed to be reupholstered.  This is not my favorite kind of project.  The only problem is I am just too cheap to pay  to have someone else do it when I can, so we dove in this week.

The time consuming part is taking it all apart!  Millions of staples!   Since Rod was anxious to have it done, I delegated this part of the job.
 It is kind of appalling how flimsy most furniture is now.  But hey, it works.  You just take it apart, cut out new pieces using the old as a pattern, and put it all back again..... If only it were that easy.
Part way undone.

The pieces waiting to be cut out. 

The next hurdle is getting up the nerve to cut the new fabric.  It was rather expensive if you ask me, but it was the only one we found that we both liked. ( I'm pretty sure we spent under $3 a yard for the red material)

First I made the cover for the seat cushion.  Remember, stripes must match or it looks terrible!  Remind me why we picked a fabric with a design that had to be matched....  Ohhh and another favorite.... Piping.  That is the tiny tube that goes around the edge of the cushion.  It is much easier to make and apply now that I spent the money for the snazzy sewing machine foot that is made just for this.  It makes all the difference.  As they say, 'the right tool is half the job'.  Oh and notice, he painted the legs black!  They look so nice!

Next the seat, wings and arms.  Did you know that they use stiff paper to give the smooth shape to the inside of the arms?

Next the back. 
 Hey if I don't give you a blow by blow description, I will never get credit for all the work that went into redoing them.  Well, that isn't actually true.  My husband has been so tickled with them, he has remarked on how nice they look at least 5 times a day since we finished.

Checking it out to see if it feels right!

I can collapse now.  They are DONE!!!

Yes, they do look nice.  And.... the stripes do match!!!  Ta Dah! 
We also put in our 'garden'.  I'll put up photos of that next week.  I continue to spend a couple of days a week with Mom, though she continues to improve.  Her energy is lower that before but she is still working at the temple and planning and cooking the usual big family dinner for tomorrow.  We are so thankful for her good health!  We have been greatly blessed!!!