Sunday, November 25, 2012


One of the biggest challenges while packing was deciding what to keep and what to toss.  If we were packing right now, much that is  in storage would have been sent on.   Clothing, of course, has to be tried on.  Yes, I am bragging on my husband.  He has been working very hard for a couple of years, and has lost quite a bit of weight.  Well, one of the things he tried on was the suit he had tailored for himself just before he left Chile, his first mission field of service. That was in 1979.  He wore this suit when we went to the temple to get married. 

Look at that!  He can still fit into the pants!

The jacket is another story. I'm not complaining about a bigger chest though.
I am so proud of him.  This isn't just because he looks so hot.  Honest.  Really.  Truly! 
Well he does look hot, but it really does make a huge difference health wise because fat built up in the belly also means fat built up around the heart.  In addition, extra weight increases BP and diabetes.  I just want to keep this man around for as long as I can and this will help so very much.  If only I would follow his example. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

October Expedition # 1

I know it says posted by Rod.  Well Jeanene is posting this.  I have been told how to change that but have forgotten how and it is more work than it is worth to figure it out, so since AZ is a community property state, credit for posts will be shared. 

We have had a busy month.  Wasn't 'being retired' supposed to be relaxed and slow paced?  I know, you are full of sympathy for my plight.  Still....  Well.... Moving on.   The first expedition of Oct was to Utah.  We became close friends with Ryker when he was in Mesa on his mission.  Over the years we have pestered and imposed on him and had a great many good times.  Ask the 2 youngest daughters and husband about demolition derbies.  Such fun!  Anyway his 2nd baby was being blessed so off we went.  We had planned to visit my cousin on the way but she was on vacation in Cali so we missed her.  One of Rod's favorite places on earth so far is Zions.  Since we had a free day in Utah, we took the opportunity to go there.  We arrived rather late in the day, it was actually night, found our hotel in 'Hurracn' and ordered pizza for supper.  It was raining intermittently so we were glad to get back to the hotel, especially when it started to hail.  I'm such a desert baby.  I just had to photograph and taste it.  Cool-or rather Cold.

It  was cloudy and chilly with another gust of hail when we got up the next morning. We debated what to do.  We went on to Saint George and shopped for a while but then the sky started to clear up so we headed back to Zion's.  It remained cloudy with little mists of rain now and again, but we very much enjoyed hiking to the Emerald Pools.  It was so beautiful.  I think the rain enhanced the experience for us at least. 

What a view!

Behind the falls

I love the combination of cactus, green leaves and the falls in the background.

After our day at Zions, we went on to Las Vegas.  Saturday was Taggert's birthday party and then on Sunday, the baby blessing. 
The birthday party included a visit to the 'pumpkin patch'.  Taggert loved petting the goats.

Ruston is such a sweet little guy.  He slept and ate and smiled the whole time.

Somebody likes birthday cake.

We got a photo of Ryker!

These tools were used to 'reattach' Rod's arm when Taggart 'cut it off' with his toy saw.
Endless fun, cause Rod could actually make his arm disappear into his sleave..

What a blessing good friends are.  They add such richness to our lives and multiply our joy.