Sunday, October 27, 2013

In Charge

Some years ago, someone gave Rod a book titled 'I'm in Charge of Celebrations'.  He felt that perfectly described him, and has worked to prove it true ever since.  You might think this an easy job.  All you have to do is throw parties.  Not exactly.  If you haven't been working hard, a party is just more of the same, usually rather boring.  If you just work hard you will burn out.  There is a delicate balance to maintain for an activity to be the release and joy of  celebration and still encourage work to continue afterwards.  Rod does know how to bring this about. The Monday after our kids went home, we took to the road and had a Zone activity.... a baseball game, in San Fernando Zone.  We met in the city Jerez,  which is 2 hours southwest from here, past Gibraltar.   They have an amazing large sports area where we played. We took balls, bat, and gloves.  Of course there were hot dogs, potato salad, and watermelon too.  We really did have a great time.  Even the native missionaries who had no idea how to play, were surprised at how much fun  it was. Here are photos from the day.

I Think some of the sisters did better than  the elders!

This is his first time playing baseball! 

His too, but they gave it their all!

Cool Huh!

Guess who caught a fly ball and made the out...First time EVER!

The skate board park made a great picnic area.

This it the Todds!

We loved this Huge statue!

That is Gibraltar from the car window.  We have yet to visit.  Soon!
We are doing well, and keeping very busy.  We have been so glad for Sister Chantrill.  She has dived in and taken over keeping the baptism records up to date and is working on referrals too.
The last 2 Sundays, an amazing lady from Iran has been coming to church.  The elders are teaching her and I have gotten to help.  Talk about a huge change.  The missionaries are instructed not to teach Arabs without special permission, as there are so many dangers to them and their families if they become Christian.  I don't know if it is the same in her culture, but what a challenge to learn not only about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, but about Christ as well.  We were talking about baptism today and asked what she thought about baptism.  Her response was that it should be like the book says.  We asked what book she meant and she said the Mormon book.  She said she came here specifically to study Christianity and has friends that are protestant but she already has a testimony of the Book of Mormon.  Elders gave her a Persian copy, but that is just selections, so she has an English one too.  She describes how much happier and calmer she feels now.  The Spirit makes such a difference.  So many things we take for granted!!!
Well all, have a wonderful week. 


Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Wach family walks

Guess who came to visit!!!  We essentially took a week off from our usual activities for their visit, though they did help us with some new arrivals on Tuesday.  We had a wonderful time.  I took way too many photos so I will compensate with few words this week.

They are here finally.  Their flight to Rome was delayed so they missed part of their Mediterranean Cruise but they got here safe and sound. 

Yes, grandma paid for a ride in the airport first thing!

Her Mom bought her a flamenco dress in Barcelona.  I am afraid we added to the outfit once she got here. Shoes, fan, hair comb...why not?

We found this barn toy and cleaned it up for our Benjamin.   He thought it was pretty cool.  It didn't seem to take too long for him to decide that Grammy and Poppop were lots of fun.

We did stop at the toy store near our house.  I love their giant bear and baby but Ellie wanted to explore.

Benj didn't want to get too close.

We walked around Fuengirola and found that the family has a number of photographers too. 

We think she is just darling.
With a large group, every one gets in the photo sometime. This is in the main plaza in Fuen.

They are great friends now.


This stroller was perfect!

We took a trip to Seville and climbed the tower next to the cathedral.  it is so cool to see it from above

Atop the tower... bells. 

A clock made in 1400s.

The exterior of said tower.  It was built by the Moors. 

This was still the best part.

She didn't want the ice cream, just the cone????

Impromptu changing room.

Talk about a view!  This looks out over Fuengirola and Mijas.

Real men carry babies!!!  The photos didn't really show the view very well, too hazy.

We happened upon the filming of some sort of dance film.  Who knew?


In her 'house'!

He will be walking soon.


We did spend a day on the beach.  The water was cold but the weather was amazing!

Our last night, dinner  and music.  The street performer was entranced by our Ben.

That is the moon over the Mediterranean Sea.
We miss you already kids, and can't wait for the next clan.  We love you all so much.  If we imperfect parents that we are, love our kids so very much, how much must our perfect Father love each of us and want us to come home.  Stay true so that we can have that perfect reunion one day!