Monday, July 24, 2017

Until we meet again

My second son's father-in-law recently died.  It is always hard when a good man leaves us.  I am filled with gratitude for the exemplary life he lead and the love he showered on my son and his beautiful family.  My spirit is awed by the interlacing family relationships that we begin to build here on this earth.  I can almost picture them in the world to come....the myriad connections we will discover to exist with those we love. No one will be left out.  When my son met and grew to love his sweet wife, we discovered that her father and my father worked together in the temple.  The respect and admiration they had for each other strengthened the love our children felt and built the love between our families.  How glad we are to know that these absences, however hard to bear, are only temporary.  Till we meet again Bill Ekins



Tuesday, July 4, 2017


It was fun to go to a granddaughter's kindergarten graduation!  That's her in the middle in the sparkly white dress.

 Afterwards the girls went to Chickfilet.

Big sister got to come to the gradua.

So did big brother...but he wanted to come home with us. So sad.
Our Handsome Weston turned 8.  We sure enjoyed his baptism. I got to give the talk on the Holy Ghost.

                                        Four generations! Our only Castillo grandson!

 The Wach kids got to spend the day with Grammy and PopPop.  This was their tent.

The Tucson  clan invited us to go to the temple dedication with them.  We met up for lunch first.

Grandpa Ekins

 It's a love little temple. 

We even ran into some Blau Cousins.

Beautiful Family

Soon there will be another sister.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

We keep busy

Rod's 'project' this month was helping Alicia with the set for her play.  She really did need help.  She is teaching a 6/5 contract (meaning that she has no prep hour), she is finishing the class work for her Master's, and producing a musical.  On top of that she is Mom to her darling kids...which is a full time job in and of itself. we occasionally watch kids and help in other ways, but this was extra fun as it revives skills Rod has built in the past.  Sweet daughter said...don't set the bar too high.  I have to build the next one you know.  The musical was based on the Sharazade story.  So we had to have a Persian market place and a bedroom.  Alicia already had the columns and the bed stead.  Rod build the stalls from pallets and fabric and the bed was engineered from pvc pipe and sheer curtains.  We had no mattress for bed and we were discussing what to do as we went home.  There was a major traffic snarl as we came off of the freeway, so we went through the community to avoid it.  As we headed back to the route, Rod noticed a mattress left by a donation box in a store parking lot. We didn't even feel bad taking it as they aren't donate-able anymore.  When we got to the intersection, the traffic was completely clear.  The Lord was just getting us to go past that store.  He is definitely watching out for us and especially her.  We enjoyed watching the musical.  The kids did very well, especially considering how poorly the rehearsals went.  The other teacher involved was ready to cancel.  More blessings.

She turned in her assignment and finished her Masters class the next day.  An amazing lady that one!  of course all of them are!

The Seattle kids (minus Aaron due to work) came down for Ellie's birthday.  We had hoped for her baptism but that was postponed.  We still got together for a great party at Aunt Cheryl the Great and Scott's house.  We celebrated Miles' birthday too.  Todd and company even made the trek from Tucson!  Thank you So Much! I just love having all my babies together!

Fun looks different as we age! Just watching those kids run is tiring.
 The cousins had such a great time.

 The wind blew out the candles.  It was still a success.

 My Mom is such a trooper.  She still likes to be part of the celebrations.
 And since we were there, we had a quick family photo! We didn't pose or compose it but I love it regardless!

With wet kids, we couldn't draw it out very long but I am so grateful for everyone coming.  We love each of you!

We went to a 'cultural' event...a book launch!  A colleague who was very influential in Rod's professional life wrote and published her book, so we went.  Alicia and Maricio met us there.    
 This lady was also there.  She was one of Rod's high school teachers, also very influential and positive.

As and added treat we ran into niece Michelle.  I don't think we have seen her since the mission, but she was one of this lady's students.  Such a treat!

I continue to improve in my ceramics.  I still have plenty of failures, but it is such fun to make things I like!

These were projects proposed by Geneva.  She is actually the one that got me started doing ceramics so she gets dibs.
If anyone wants any of these or anything else, let me know!

 Syrup pitchers are a common project as we give them as wedding gifts.
I was really happy with these rice bowls.

.I was invited to help make bowls for the 'Empty Bowls' project.  It's a service project that helps feed the hungry.  I'm kind of tickled to be asked as that means my bowls are good least for that. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

New Arrivals

As Rod announced on facebook, we brought home a new 'grandbaby'....

Or rather a Baby Grand!  My cute hubby has wanted a grand piano for a very long time.  We decided it was time! It really makes practicing fun!

 We have really enjoyed having it and playing it.  We love having it played by better pianists than we are.
 Alicia loves visiting her 'little sister'

In addition we are anticipating a new little  grand niece.

 Welcome little one!  We sure love our family!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

More News

We had a fun visit from sweet Kim!  We served together in Spain and really grew to love her.  She and I decided we must have been sisters in another life.

Life is so hard er soft? 
My Mom still hosts family dinner every fast Sunday with a huge assist from Donnalyn and her family.  It just delights me to see these cousins playing together and enjoying each other!

I actually made pie for pi day. 
Sweet potato pie

Grapefruit pie. It was really good.
One of our scout leaders had to cancel so Rod went to Mountain Man Rendezvous.

The biggest challenge for our guys was getting the group over this wall!

  And they Made It!  Fantastic! It was a great boost to their confidence. And justly so!

My sister came for a weekend.  We had a wonderful lunch and dinner! I love these women.

Then Rod went with son Keith to 'front sight' for firearm training.  They met up with cousin Joe. 

Two of my menfolk!

We got to meet up with the Lowes at their daughter's wedding reception. 
We love our Family!