Monday, January 26, 2015

What have we been up too? (our new place)

Some of you may have felt a bit unloved lately.  We had thought we would have much more time and focus for visiting and such.  Well, one of the things that has filled our time has been the finding, buying, and remodeling of our new home.  Usually, my husband is the king of multitasking but getting a home and having it more or less finished has completely occupied his faculties.
Here are a few before, during, and after photos.
We ended up buying a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo right behind the temple.

The bedroom was just big enough and the carpet is new!

It has built in book shelves!!! and laminate floors that are in pretty good shape.

On the other hand the linoleum in bathrooms is yellowed and curling and the toilet is tiny and tilted.

There was a water leak under the kitchen sink....groady!
 We began the remodel with new kitchen counter top and appliances.  One bathroom also has a new counter top.

It's beautiful but those cupboards over the bar have to go!!! 

We also have  new bathroom floor, it's level now so that the new toilet doesn't tilt.

This lovely mess of dried soap was scraped out when we redid the plumbing for the washer and bathroom fixtures.
 We are nearly done, finally!  Notice the cabinets over the bar are gone!

After many trips to leave donations at DI and Stardust, most of our stuff is moved in!

Yes there are still photos to cull and hang but hey!  Looking good!

This is our 'back yard' where we still plan some major changes.
Mixed in were a couple of birthdays.  I will regale you with those photos next week.  In addition, my mother has suffered some health problems.  She has been a rock and source of strength to our whole family and it has been hard having her ill.  She had a pacemaker put in almost 2 weeks ago, but having a heart rate in the 30s for a time caused a small stroke.  The changes are subtle but significant enough that we must take over some of the work she has been doing. Part of the challenge is not knowing how long lasting these changes will be.  We are so grateful that she is still with us and healthy and pray she will recover her normal health and energy.  Thank you for your prayers!  They do make a difference.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Flaminco Family Fotos Revealed!

If you aren't a relative, you may not find these photos of any interest.  To me and my spouse, there is nothing better! Truly!  After being gone for 2 years, this is what we craved and yearned for.  Just Family.  They are what make Heaven!
So, here is a little taste of Our Heaven!
Oldest Grand Daughter, 8 year old Elizabeth is our first test subject. 

Now we gather the troops!  The outfits were our Christmas gift to everyone!

 Here is one of the many shots.  Of course none of them is perfect of everyone.  Gives us character, right?

A second try!

Oh well, lets go for the real thing! Yup, that's us!

Some families wanted individual portraits. Keep in mind, it's chilly that day and it is lunch time.  I think they did a fabulous job!
Todd's family

Our youngest daughter, her husband,  and their soon to be daughter!!! We are so excited!!!

And our grand daughter that actually looks Spanish!!!  Has she got the moves or what?

Middle Daughter and her family. 

 Now the cousins break loose!

Aren't they just scrumptious!!!

Love every one of them!!!


Just a bit more reserved?


"This fan is soo Pretty!"

So is this girl!

We had such Fun!

Love my Caballero!

 Family is the Greatest Blessing there is.  We are so thankful for ours and for their patience and willingness to record our idea of Heaven in photos, the day after Christmas even!  We are most grateful to our Heavenly Father for this gift!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

A Baptism, Birthdays and other Celebrations.

Our eldest grand daughter turned 8 years old in Aug.  She decided to wait to be baptized till we could be there.  How sweet and thoughtful was that?  So, the first celebration we attended was her baptism!

What a blessing to the whole family.

Love this cute family!!!  Love the support from all the family members!

Castillo cousins came up for it too!  Props for making the 2 hour drive with babies!  Thank you son!
Grand daughter J's birthday is the day after mine.  An extra special day for sure.  Aunty Elena was here to join in this celebration.
A present? For my Birthday?

A Frozen lunch box!!!

With treats in it!

Sometimes Grandma gets it right.

Elena arrived on my birthday!  The best birthday gift ever!!!

As a special welcome, our neighbor made Rod a 'special' pecan pie.  Thank You!!!  It was delicious!

We had an unexpected 'girls night'  We got to see Mannheim Steamroller.  Such Fun!
We gave our 'homecoming' sacrament talks on Dec. 14th.  Thank you to so many wonderful friends and family who came to welcome us.  We felt so loved.  We have to make time to catch up, one on one but we need to learn our phone numbers and get a place to live first. 
Sweet Super Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Scott hosed a wonderful meal afterwards.  We were thankful for the opportunity to visit a bit with some of you.
We also sang happy birthday to J, Ben and yours truly.  There was birthday cake for all!

The Stone home is the perfect party place!  Thank you yet again!!!

We were glad to see more family.

Former singles ward members got to catch up!
Some of our sweet returned Malaga missionaries drove down from Provo during finals week just to see us!  That's how you spell love!  We love you too guys!

Finally of course there was Christmas!!!
Mom let us put up some of our Spanish Nacimientos

Rod persecuted nephews

We ate and ate of course

And ate!
And we played with new toys!

Seeing more of the family was wonderful!

Modeling one of my gifts!
The greatest part of this Celebration is the gift we enjoy from our Savior!  We know more surely than every before that He Lives!  He Is the Gift to us from our loving Father in Heaven.  How thankful we are for the gift and the knowledge of the gift he makes available to us!  Let us work to share that gift through out this next year and let our hearts be filled with profound gratitude for this Gift always!