Monday, October 31, 2016

The Great Train Adventure

My Mother had going an 'overnight train trip' on her bucket list.  A granddaughter was recently married and a reception was planned in Seattle so Rod and I decided a train trip along the beautiful western coast sounded perfect.  My Mom loves trip planning, so she expanded on the idea and included two of my siblings and their kids.  We had such a great time. I need to credit my little sis Donnie for all the arrangements she made to get us from Phx to LA by air, and from the airport to the train station on time. She's amazing!


I want to still go on adventures when I am 86!

Here we go!  The red bag I am holding has cereal and cocoa boxes packed with cookies and cinnamon rolls Mom made.

Quarters where tight, of course, but quite comfortable. 

 The question you sleep with your head toward the front of the train or your feet?  I think we were split on this.  I went feet first.

Our neighbors across the hall.

As you might guess, she did Not get to sleep on the top bunk.

My sister was prepared with wonderful dollar store games and activities.

Our compartment with the seats up.

So glamorous! 

The dining car, with all our troops in the background.

The staff was lots of fun.
The views from the dining car were so beautiful. We saw some lovely little towns and forest The ocean views photograph much better from a moving train though, so that's what you get.


The train made occasional stops through the whole trip.  Most of these were very short, but the stop in Portland was for 40 minutes.  Since my husband is a donut connoisseur, and since Voodoo donuts was close to the station, he and my sister and her hubby ran to the shop and brought back donuts to share.  It was such a fun trip.  I will post the Seattle part of the trip next.  I sure do love my family!   

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Tucson Fun

We got to spend a couple of days with the southern Castillos.  We had a great time. Mom was out of town and Dad had cub scout day camp.  We mostly just chilled out.  There may have been some teasing....

She doesn't seem to have been permanently scarred. 
Grammy introduced the game of jacks. 

 It's harder than it looks.

I can still do it, though not as well as I remembered.


 There was a fort built....I'm making up for not letting my kids do this as much as they wanted to.

Mom was glad to be home and so was the whole family!
We certainly love our kids!