Monday, June 30, 2014


We had an unusual transfer this past week.  For the first time since we arrived and I believe since the Deeres arrived, we received no new missionaries!  We were scheduled to get 2 but one had visa problems and one had health problems that precluded his service here.  There were only 2 who finished their missions.   Rod was so cute during our staff meeting.  He went over everyone's usual assignments but put a 'not' in front of each.  You will not be at the train station at 10:00 am President.  APs you will not help with luggage.  Secretary you will not buy donuts.  You get the idea.  I hope we don't forget how it works next time.
We still had to say goodbye to some missionaries serving in our area as they move on to new assignments.
Sister H came to Fuen as a new missionary.  She is a super hard worker.  We will miss her.  Elder G just likes to be in photos.

See what I mean?  We also said farewell to Elder E.

It's a sober moment...Not!

Elder T has to break in a new comp!  You can do it Elder!

We had the sisters over for a farewell supper!

Not bad for a timer photo
On Friday we had a quiet evening.  We ate at an Irish pub.... Excellent fish and chips!

It reminded me of our meal in Gibraltar with Geneva and John.
Then we took a quiet walk on the board walk and out on the jetty.  Now you can see why I will miss this.

Part of the reason we wanted a calm evening is because we spent Thursday looking for an apartment in Malaga.  That would be because We are being Transferred too!!!  Well sort of.  We are expecting a new office couple in less than 3 weeks and had planned on finding them an apt here in Fuengirola.  However we thought it would be more sensible for us just to move to Malaga.  We will be closer to a large group of JAS  (Spanish for young single adults) which is going to be our focus for the last few months of our mission.  The new couple won't have to move twice.  We will just drive into the office when we need to come in, especially the first couple of weeks while they are learning the ropes, but then we will be out of their hair and we can have activities at our place or at the Malaga chapel without the commute late at night.  We would also be closer to Granada by half an hour.  They are part of our stake and therefore we should be meeting with them too at least some of the time.  Sooooo we have begun looking for an apt in Malaga.  We have come across a couple of places that would do, but are small without much of a 'family room' area, so we are still looking.  Keep us in your prayers cause this is a bit challenging.  We really love where we are, especially having internet.  We hope we can get it going in the new place too.  We aren't sure what our little branch will do for music once we are gone.  I guess there are electronic options.  Oh well.  No one is irreplaceable.
I have had the thought often that part of the reason these missionaries are transferred is to remind them (us) how transient everything in this life really is.  We learn to dearly love our areas, members, companions and especially converts, then we must move and learn to love all over again. 
How blessed we are to know that the farewells of this life are temporary, just a transfer or two and we will be together again. 

On a less philosophical note, this is a young lady we have been helping to teach!  She is awesome!!!  When the elders ask a question, her answer sounds like she is a member already!  Rod always just offers her his name badge. She is reading the B of M, praying, and attends both the Spanish and English meetings on Sunday.  She has a baptism date next month!  She even asked to go with the elders to teach someone else they are working with.  This is the fun part!!!
 Well, time for bed.  We love you all and feel your prayers!

Monday, June 16, 2014

June Jumble

One more photo from  the Alhambra. 

We had a Sr couples' conference this past week and it was great.  We loved getting together and getting direction and feedback from President.  It was good to share a few of the trials and triumphs with each other and feel more connected.  After wards most of us went to the car museum.  Rod and I had been before but the rest hadn't seen it.  We actually parked in the parking lot this time and I loved these parking spots. 
Instead of handicapped parking...

Even the table and chairs outside are soo cool looking.

Brother Wilson wasn't quite as interested in the dresses as some of us.

The cars, on the other hand, got everyone's attention!

Some of these hats look like ones we have in the trunk... course ours are a bit rattier.  Love that one on top.

It was the Silver ?  Rolls.  I love the hood ornament.

I think I liked this Mercedes best.
We have had a busy week and the coming one looks to be a repeat. Rod and the office elders went to Antiquera (about an hour away) to help the neighbors of some members who needed to sand the railing of their deck, and then they went tonight to paint it.  We are helping the elders teach a young lady the lessons which is always uplifting.  Sunday we fed 7 missionaries  Sunday dinner... and there was carrot cake! Next week is transfers and week after  is Mission Council.  Time marches and sometimes speeds  on.  We will try and Skype with the boys this week as we only got in visits with the girls so far.  We hope all our men folk had a happy fathers day.  We are so grateful for every one of them, how they honor and uphold their priesthood and work to teach and care for their families.  You Bless our Lives!  Have a great week!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Two weeks of photos

You were warned!  I abstained for 2 whole weeks.  Now I have to catch up.  I am sure you missed seeing all the things we did.... Right?
First a little of our 'office life'.  If you know Rod, you know there are shenanigans, which have to be returned.  Here are a few examples. 

One of our elders didn't know what a mouse trap was.  I demonstrated... I got a bruise to show for it.

Uh oh.  Someone has been messing with the Orange Stapler and  other treasures. There was revenge taken!

Young Brother Deere had a birthday.
We have spent several recent  p-days with the missionaries and decided to just have one to ourselves.  We decided to check out a couple of art museums in Malaga.  We missed the temporary exhibit at the Carmen Thesin that had some works from impressionist masters.  We still enjoyed seeing works by Spanish masters from the romantic period.  It is helpful to check out a museum before missionaries go.....
Notice the tile work depicted in the first one.  You may recognize it if you have been to the Alhambra.
I want one of these mantillas before we go home.
I loved looking out through a window and realizing that the buildings were barely 5 feet apart.

After our visit, we went to lunch and this art installation extended from one building to the other outside our restaurant.  The figures are various animals, rabit, pig etc with human bodies.  I would guess they were about a foot tall.
Rod ordered what was called a 'milk shake' by the menu.  Oh how definitions vary!

I also thought I would show the electrical system here.  Up to code? It is certainly the norm.

Talk about a 'high five'!  I love the public art!
Then we visited a museum of modern art.  It was very interesting.  These giant figures were the primary draw.

Believe it or not, I think they were made of wood.  I could see grain and joins.

Poor Pinocchio.

Take it easy!
A side view of 'Take it easy'.

See if you can guess the medium in this one.
We kind of loved our day.  But then we love being with our missionaries even more.
Elder D was checking which papers he was missing for whom, and was too tired to keep it straight in his head so he laid them out on the floor.  Thus was born 'Office Twister'.
We got our new military relations couple in on Wed.  President was out of town so we pinch hit with Sister Deere to pick them up at the airport.

We had to take them out for helado!

One of our Elders is from their home ward.  We just happened to set up a lunch date with him....

We all had a good time.
We took them off to Rota, returned  home Fri night and then very early Sat morning headed off to Granada,  A certain Elder hadn't seen it yet, and might not get another chance as he was leaving the office the following Thursday, sniff sniff.  The only tickets we could get were for 8:30 am.  It worked out great though, cause we got them home on time.

Who could resist that face?

We lent Elder D my camera, and Elder F's camera ran out of battery so he put his memory card in our other one, so there are more than usual photos of us. I may have spent more time actually looking at the Alhambra than on other visits.  A nice change!

The photo op!
My dear husband has conceived the idea of a pieced quilt using the tile patterns from the Alhambra.  I am not excited for the work this will involve.

The 'water stair'.  There may have been several 'leaf boats' sailed down this waterway by various missionaries.

Elder B is replacing Elder F

The "perfect" couple.

The real us...goofing around.

Flaunting the ice cream.

Carlos 5th's palace.

You will have to make up your own dialogue.. I don't remember.

He is going to miss us.

The marquetry workshop.   

Elder D took this inspired photo!

Who is off balance?

"Are you sure I can do this?"
Well, I have indulged my love of photos.  Thank you for your patience.  Check the comments for the medium of the group of figures from the art gallery.
We are very busy, but happy and well.  We love and miss you all and pray for you just as much as we feel your prayers for us.  The Lord lives and watches over us. 

Oh.  June is a "month of invitation" for our whole European area. Please consider joining us.  The goal is for everyone to invite someone to come to Sacrament meeting.  For years, when I was challenged to pray about who to share with or invite, I could never choose who I should speak to. I have finally figured it out.  The answer is just invite everyone.  There is no down side.  The grocery clerk, the bank teller, the trash man, the guy you walk the track with, every one you encounter would have a happier life if they joined with us, so just give them a pass along card and invite them to check it out. Tell them to call if they have questions or want to visit a meeting.  No pressure, no risk.  Easy.  Give it a shot.