Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fun in Feburary

Elena came!  I sure do love having my kids visit.  We went with her to see the other kids too. Win-Win!

 An advantage of living close to the temple, it makes visiting the grounds so easy and theyare beautiful!

We got to see Weston's football practice and play at the park!


A great catch!
 I have the best family!

Still trying

 I'm posting as myself again.  For a month.....maybe.  I find technology getting frustrating again.  Ugg. I guess I've been home from the mission too long.  I no longer have easy access to tech support and I have used up the blessings from that service.   Anyway, I have a lot catching up to do.

Geneva and John came down from Seattle to visit just after Christmas.  We are so grateful to see them!
 They enjoyed weather warm enough to eat ice cream.

For Christmas,
Oldest daughter took us out to dessert...a delicious bread pudding.  It was wonderful.

We had to try a couple of other desserts but the bread pudding was the best!
 A year ago I met Margot at ceramics. She is from Switzerland. I did my best to translate class instructions into French for her.   When she came back this winter, we got together for a visit to the Botanical gardens.

We had a wonderful time, enjoyed the beautiful plants, and I loved speaking French...even poorly.
I bought black eyed pea seeds...and had a surprisingly large harvest.  This is the last of the batch I cooked.  Eating them on New Years is supposed to bring good luck.  At the very least...we enjoyed a tasty meal.

PS they are in one of my new bowls.. I sure enjoy ceramics.