Monday, July 20, 2015

The rewards!

A handsome man gave me these beautiful roses!!!  I have received a bouquet every June 30th for 36 years!   Of course, the number of roses increases every year.  The first few years (or maybe more than a few) I was always surprised and would wonder what the occasion was.  Now, I remember  our anniversary all on my own...usually.  (we reverse the stereotype quite often)

That many roses fill a counter.  We seem to have sent on most of our big vases.  Good thing I know a potter.  Now if I can just get good at making tall vases.

We also had our (hopefully) annual family camping trip. 
We decided to try Mt Lemon as it is closer for the Tucson contingent.  I was pleasantly surprised.  It was cooler than Flag and still had tall pine forest.  There was a lake too, but no swimming.
The kids still managed to find fun things to do. abundance of photos of grandkids are coming.....Not for the faint of eye.

I think there were bad guys being decimated here.

Cute Weston!

The binoculars finally got used.... constantly!

Explorer Elizabeth

Dad gets a rest.

Keeping an eye on everyone....

Cute Kenzie and Pop pop.

There were crafts

butterfly and flower maker

Annalise loved this part

Flowers weren't that interesting.  He made and alien... I think.

Jase was not a happy camper.... we think the teeth were sprouting.

The woods and nature were actually the best entertainment though, at least when you could share it with cousins

A Dangerous caterpillar was discovered...

Well, maybe not dangerous.  Our adventurous Nora!   I loved that it matched her outfit.

Alaina likes Dad and melon.

Finding wood for the fire.

Still not very happy!

The older kids spent quite a bit of time off on their own.  Here they were playing School. 

They were practicing their numbers!
Ellie and Ben

Poor Annalise had a close encounter with the mountain.  Didn't dampen her spirits though!  What a trouper.


Miles wants juice!


The adults enjoyed hanging out and visiting.

We finally got a smile!

Sure enjoy hanging out with our kids!!!

The washing station was a hit.  Parents weren't allowed to correct the excess use of water....They may have gotten such correction as kids but we are the grandparents now!

Darling bumps on a log.

Uncle Eric brought the swing....a favorite
 Glow necklaces were fun too...especially as the kids walked around at night.

A new marshmallow roaster was enjoyed.

 The bed of Dad's truck was a great play place too!

This was the only one to enjoy Grammy's craft.

These are the rewards for any good we may have done! We are so grateful!


Thursday, July 9, 2015

Utah interlude

I better get these on the blog or I will be encroaching on the next adventure.  We took the chance to attend a wedding in Utah and snuck a trip to Zions in with it.
Rod met up with Bob, a former mission secretary we worked with for months and they hiked the Narrows for about 7 hours. 
I however, did not go with.  I was so clever as to break my toe a few days before hand, so hiking wasn't appealing.  I browsed a few shops and read by the pool.  A hard life! 
There was a fair amount of bruising
The wedding was at the new Payson temple, so we got to add a new one to the list and see a darling couple married for eternity! 

We didn't go to the luncheon as we had made plans to lunch with some other missionaries.  Then discovered  lost the invitation and so didn't know where the reception would be held.  After our lunch we had several hours to kill so Rod decided to drive up to the mountains hoping to find a nice cool place to hang out.  As we were driving, randomly along we saw this.

Those are the names of our newly weds all right.  My husband just drove  right to their house without any idea where they lived.  We weren't even really trying to get there but we stopped by and got a replacement invite and found the reception center.  Then we hung out at the library with the rest of our free time.  I loved it!
 The reception was out doors.  They served ice cream sundaes.  Lovely all the way around.
A younger brother of the groom.

The line

Brother and Sister Flint

The happy groom

Malaga missionaries

Having fun

She is now!!!  The focus is off but I  love this photo.... the bride ziplining into her future!

And when she leaves....

just pack up and go with her!
On the way home we stopped for a short visit to the coral dunes.
They are fascinating... lots of specially adapted flora and fauna

A very specialized situation causes these dunes and keeps them moving and changing

You can sled and sand board on them apparently.

The sand is very fine and a consistent texture because only that size of grains of sand can be picked up and carried to just this spot.  Bigger grains won't fly in the wind and smaller stay suspended as dust.
We had a wonderful time.  My hubby is still my favorite travel companion!