Sunday, November 30, 2014

Giving Thanks Mesa!

There are lots of photos I want to post about our trip home.  Those will have to wait for a little while though, because I just Have to post about our arrival and Thanksgiving celebration at home in Mesa.

Can I just state for the record that we LOVE our Family!!!

We were met in the airport at midnight on the Tuesday night before Thanksgiving by my sweet sister who was picking us up and taking us home.  That we expected.  In addition, my mother came with her.  They brought flowers, a balloon, and doughnuts and fresh milk. If you know my husband, you know how important those last two were!   Also surprising us at the airport were my daughters Geneva and her family, Alicia and her family, son Keith and his family, and even my brother Jeff and his wife.  These families include little kids who were up way past bedtime, and kids and parents that had school and work the next day and a long drive to get back home from the airport.  I was too busy hugging all of them to take photos, but the kids took some.  We were sooooooo happy!


That next night my sweet Mom and sister hosted our kids for supper.  Todd brought his family up from Tucson, so everyone except Elena and Aaron was there.  It was soooo Wonderful!!!

Mom made some yummy soup for all of us.  Thank you Mom!
We sure did enjoy getting to meet our new grandbabies and reconnect with all the rest!
The next day aunt Cheryl,(aka Cheryl the Great) and her husband Scott (the Boss) hosted us for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was Glorious!
Our oldest granddaughter brought a table decoration!

Everyone brought food!

And Pie

The best part by far was being with all these darling kiddos and all of their parents!

We decided it was time for The Photo.  We have been planning this photo for a long time!  

Gather the babies!

Say Cheese!

Can we see you?  Can you breathe?

okay, lets eat!

 And, since we live in AZ, lest try out the pool and hot tub!

Only a couple of adults joined in, a couple of times to rescue iffy swimmers.

Ahhh, the best part of all!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Our last Week in the mission!

Here are a few photos from this past week.  Just in case you didn't know, leaving is Hard!
Corina has been learning a little piano.  She and Argentina helped arrange a supprise party for us.

Talk about feeling loved!

Our APs Elder Rojas and Skousen

Our last lunch with Ghazaale

A couple more photos of the Mediterranean see and Malaga's port. The color changes constantly!  I'll miss it!

One last young men's activity!  Carting with Seth and Justin.
Arlene gave me earrings and Rod some scrapbooking treasures.

The Turners and Reg and Molly.
Brian and Mike Miranda,   two of our YSAs.

My hubby likes to call this Elder Tintin.  He looks like the cartoon character.

You may have noticed who is wearing white.  This sister had been investigating for quite a while.  Last week she suddenly decided to be baptized.  The Elders asked Elder Castillo to do it.  Talk about finishing the mission with a bang!  A baptism on our last day!  The Lord has really blessed us! 

But now we're headed home!
We will travel for a week and get back to Az the day before Thanksgiving!  We love you and Can't Wait!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Week's photos

We will probably not get  to post while we are traveling, so here are a few of our adventures from the last 2 weeks
Sister Nielson and I went to another museum.  I was pleasantly surprised!  It was very cool!

A 2,000+ year old perfume bottle. It is about 5 in long.

Usually I get a bit bored with the guide's commentary.  NOT this one!  Our guide just happened to be the owner of most of the glass in the museum.  He is the gentleman in the pale blue shirt.  He was full of fascinating facts and stories.  He spouts dates and places without stopping to think,  this in response to questions, ie it wasn't memorized. He truly knows the history and provenance of the  items and has collected glass for 40 years.

Cameo glass.  The red vase is blown then a white vase is applied.  Then it is carved out after it cools.  I don't remember exactly but I think this was from the 1800s.

The furniture is authentic, period pieces.  The glass is displayed in a 'home' like setting with inherited (family) furniture and art owned by his business partners.

There were several stained glass windows, rescued when churches or homes were torn down or remodeled.  This is from England and one of the last ones done by this firm.

This modern painting was donated... I believe the title was "The Weight of Beauty"

Then we went out to lunch. 

This place comes by with hot or cold tapas and you take what you want to try.  The charges are according to the sticks in them.  Fun and delicious.

Aren't you glad you aren't in construction in Malaga?
 Last Sunday we went to Granada for Stake conference.  This is the Stake center!

We brought lunch to share with these Elders.  Elder D's favorite dessert is sweet potato pie! It is now a specialty of my husband!

We drove them home to Almeria and then headed home ourselves.  Almeria is filled with green houses.  There were miles of them like this!
We have been packing and cleaning.  We are so thankful Mom and the Sisters took home so much of our stuff.  We would never have made it otherwise.  We are excited to get home to our family and so sad to say good bye to so many beloved friends.