Monday, May 21, 2018

Highlights of the year so far.

Rod's birthday
Elena's visit

Pandelerium!  Such fun!

Let's go on a trip!
 Fun at Keith's house.

A dance Party

with lights!
Jase's birthday cake!

 Rod competed in his second Sprint triathlon.

 He is Amazing!

Pie Day  There was chicken pot pie for the main dish.
 My sister had her age 42! She is just amazing!

Welcome Wesley

 Spring brought beautiful blooms to my garden.  I had forgotten that Irises are fragrant!

Finally, a trip to Seattle to see and help with our new grandson, Kelvin!  Sister is getting to like him too.

The whole city is filled with flowers of all types.  Just gorgeous!

and there are actually mossy logs in the forest!

A three year old loves to pick flowers....good thing I made a set of small vases for Elena!

The cousins like the new baby too!

The son-in-law cooked a delicious Mother's day dinner!

such sweet boys!

A special treat for Mother's day dessert

It was Goood!
 More Flowers!

We were working off some energy.

Stop action photography!

 We sure are blessed!  There have been some trials too....we've had 7 funerals in the ward....5 in 6 weeks.  We had the ice maker fixed on the fridge but it still isn't working after 3 tries by the repair guy, and the truck has had major we must decide whether to fix it or buy a new one. A few aches and pains here and there are now the norm, but what a wonderful family we have and how thankful we both are for all of them!


Sunday, January 21, 2018

Christmas Joy

We were asked to record things we were thankful for in Relief Society last week.  My problem is limiting my list.  I am constantly aware of the abundance of my blessings and the triviality of my trials.  Here you will see some of those blessings.

It's become a tradition to decorate gingerbread houses with all the grandkids....a bit challenging with some being out of town.  We got pretty close this year, although the parents had to put up with some early decorating in Seattle.

 I took the gingerbread house down to Tucson with me but it was just too early for that family, so they did it on their own a bit later.  We sure had a fun visit with Geneva and her kids spending time with their Tucson cousins.

 Our Amazing daughter finished her Masters degree and decided to 'walk'!  We took my Mom to see and be part of it.

I was so delighted to take this photo of Three ASU Masters Degree holders, and I congratulate my Mom for setting the precedent and example that has so positively impacted my family.



 Yes, It was like that. I also have to mention that Geneva has her Masters also,  from NAU.  Yes I have Amazing Children!

We had a Christmas Eve talent show with Alicia's family ....We had planned a bigger show but there was a fever in the house so it was scaled back, and was maybe all the sweeter for that.
Ellie's drawing

A Christmas song.

Yes she can still play that horn.

We got to use the costumes I made to enact the Christmas story.

The ceramic gifts were well received.

I am delighted with my new tree topper.

It's gorgeous Elena and Aaron!

Thanks Geneva and John for our coats!
How can we be so greatly blessed?  I can't account for it except for God's overwhelming love for us and each of His children.  Amazing! God Bless each of you throughout this New Year