Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fun in Feburary

Elena came!  I sure do love having my kids visit.  We went with her to see the other kids too. Win-Win!

 An advantage of living close to the temple, it makes visiting the grounds so easy and theyare beautiful!

We got to see Weston's football practice and play at the park!


A great catch!
 I have the best family!

Still trying

 I'm posting as myself again.  For a month.....maybe.  I find technology getting frustrating again.  Ugg. I guess I've been home from the mission too long.  I no longer have easy access to tech support and I have used up the blessings from that service.   Anyway, I have a lot catching up to do.

Geneva and John came down from Seattle to visit just after Christmas.  We are so grateful to see them!
 They enjoyed weather warm enough to eat ice cream.

For Christmas,
Oldest daughter took us out to dessert...a delicious bread pudding.  It was wonderful.

We had to try a couple of other desserts but the bread pudding was the best!
 A year ago I met Margot at ceramics. She is from Switzerland. I did my best to translate class instructions into French for her.   When she came back this winter, we got together for a visit to the Botanical gardens.

We had a wonderful time, enjoyed the beautiful plants, and I loved speaking French...even poorly.
I bought black eyed pea seeds...and had a surprisingly large harvest.  This is the last of the batch I cooked.  Eating them on New Years is supposed to bring good luck.  At the very least...we enjoyed a tasty meal.

PS they are in one of my new bowls.. I sure enjoy ceramics.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January jubilation

I'm  surprised that the first month of 2017 has already gone by already but I shouldn't be.  Surely I should be used to it by now.... after 65 years! I'm trying to get used to that too! So strange!  Now I'm married to a sixty year old man! Truthfully, he's in better shape now than he was 10 years ago.  I'm so proud of him and wish I were doing as well.  He wanted a celebration for his birthday where he could visit with former single's ward members, other friends and family.  Thanks to Alicia, we made it happen. She did the inviting.  Donnie and my Mom helped with the food making soup and bread..  And since it was Rod's birthday, we had carrot cake and donuts! It turned out to be a great evening.

The grand kids helped put the candles on the cake.

Singing Happy Birthday!

Everyone had to help blow them out!

Lots of  the current ward members came.

And many from the previous ward.

Cherished friends.

And Family!

So many dear people!
The most adorable grand kids!

The Tucson family came up and, as usual, Todd entertained numerous kids!

 I didn't get photos of everyone, but it was so fun to see and visit with so many people.  It was a really fun party and it was so fun to celebrate the amazing man he is!  He found his 'birthday present' on line, a fancy road bike.  He had trouble sleeping the night before we picked it up cause he was so excited. 

 Rod has focused a great deal of time and energy on his tile project.  He has loved the tile at the Alhambra.  He originally wanted me to quilt that pattern....I told him NO!  Sooo, he has decided to paint the pattern on silk.  He spent many hours figuring out how to draw the pattern on paper. Then he used an exacto knife to cut it out of card stock.

He used that as a template.  
He spent a great deal of time learning about painting on fabric with wax resist.
this is his 'practice' on cotton.
 He traced the pattern on watercolor paper and painted it to get a feel for how it will look someday.
It's gorgeous!
I am so very grateful for this man.  He has made my life a joy and an adventure.  He honors God and our Family, and is anxious to take care of me and do anything that will make me happy. I am so blessed and grateful!

Sunday, December 25, 2016

A little bit of December

I'm sure December is busy for everyone I know, but ours seems especially so, I think because we also have a number of birthdays added to the mix.  My Mom always made mine special because the Christmas decorations went up on My Birthday.   My brothers who's birthdays were the 23 and 25 weren't celebrated in Dec at all....we waited till Apr so they would have a whole separate event to enjoy. Now days, it seems the middle of the month just isn't enough time to enjoy the season, so at our house, decorations go up on my daughter's birthday, the 1st, and the tree is put up on mine.  Now we have added a few grand kids' birthdays to the' December birthday club'.  I keep thinking that I don't have to work or keep a big house and yard up, but my days still seem full. I guess it's partly that my energy is a bit lower than it used to be.  Whatever the cause, it's still a challenge to get everything done, but I sure do enjoy my sweet family.
I didn't get photos of all our events, but here are a few.
 The two Seattle daughters came down for a short weekend with Alicia.  I snuck in a little time with them too.

 We have begun decorating gingerbread houses with the grand kids.  We just managed to get it done with all the AZ families...and sent the houses to Seattle for their parents to do with them.  Works of art!

 Ben had his birthday....

 And there was a program produced and performed by the cousins in honor of the occasion...

For the last few years, my birthday was celebrated at a buffet restaurant.  It is easy, no planning necessary, people come when ever they can, eat what they want, and we all get to hang out.  Thank you husband for a wonderful birthday gift.

How does it feel to have a daughter qualify for Medicare Mom? 
 So glad my sister and her family could come.

As you can see, everyone found something tasty!

 Oh...and there are lots of desserts!
My cute sister and her baby...ready to be Santa's helpers.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas.  By that I mean I hope you found joy in some of the moments of this Christmas season.  I have been a little surprised lately that several people I know feel the need to 'be more honest' about their lives and troubles.  I record and document the joyful, fun times of life, not to imply that that is the norm of my life, but to emphasize the positive.  I don't mean to give the impression that my life is idyllic or without daily difficulties, some very trying, occasionally even heart wrenching.  I don't assume that yours is any different. You see, these trials and traumas are the main reason we are here right now.  We already experienced a perfect existence with our Heavenly needs unmet, no loss, sickness, depression, loneliness, injury, sin or heartbreak.  We had to leave Him to experience these things.  That is why the Angels' news was of 'Great Joy" ! The tiny babe's birth meant that all these trials are temporary.  He doesn't offer us a way to skip them, rather the promise that He has triumphed over all of them and He makes it possible for us to do the same.  This understanding allows Joy to be found, even in the midst of our messy, uncomfortable lives. He is our Hope for a Joyful New Year!  May you find it so in your life too. God Bless Us Every One!