Sunday, December 3, 2017

And Finally Fall

We loved getting to celebrate the baptism of sweet Nora

 Several of the cousins came down to Tucson to celebrate with her too!

We were so impressed with the CTR cookies they made.

We all had a wonderful time.
Rod caught a new ride!  It's sure fun to drive, but saying goodbye to the TR6 was hard!

We took a little road trip to Arcosanti.  We always just drive past on trips north so we made it our destination this time.  It was fun to see.  I remember hearing about it when it was so avaunt guard.  They said there are about 70 people living there right now. It's an architectural experiment that never took hold.  It still has some very interesting ideas though.  Our guide was an architecture student from Columbia. 

they still have concerts here.

We enjoyed the tour.

My chip and dip sets...Ceramics experiments.
My AMAZING Husband decided to enter a sprint triathlon! I was, and still am, so proud of him and so impressed! It was rather intimidating and scary. 
My sister, sister in law and niece also competed.  That's his number on his arm.
your age was put on your leg!

The Start!

400 meter Swim done...Harder than expected, partly due to so many other swimmers.

12 mile bicycle ride next

Then on to the 3.1 mile run!

 Love the Family support and love!

 A time of 1 hour and 47 minutes!  Fantastic!

 They all finished!  Wow!
There was food and a free massage...

He's My winner For Sure!  Congratulations love!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

And then there was Lake Quinault

Our kids invited us up to Washington to share their time in a cabin on Lake Quinault which is on the Olympic peninsula.  It's gorgeous as you will see. We enjoyed both our younger daughters and their families and a family they were friends with.

We were immediately drawn to the water.  Everyone loved it and played in the water in spite of the cool temperatures.  The paddle boards were a huge hit.

I was impressed at how adventurous they all were.
That tiny dot out on the water is a mom and child on a paddle board.

Of course we built a fire and of course we enjoyed 'some mores'...I may never wait till night time to make them was so much easier in the daylight.

 As you can see the hot tub was a big hit and a nice way to warm up after cold lake water.
Aunt Elena found Glow jewelry!!!

Girl Friends colored dollar store bags

 Elena found matching dresses for the cousins...and their Moms!!!

Resting and reading also happened.

There were alarming quantities of blackberries found on the property.  They were enjoyed fresh, as compote, and in a pie.  We shared out meals and it was perfect.  Delicious and low stress.

Aunt Elena plays the best games!

Food Good!

 The cabin was large and beautiful.
There were amazing several tables made out of burls. I guessed that the owner was a woodworker.

It was such a fun weekend.  We sure enjoyed our kids and their friends.  Everyone got along so well...even the adults.  We are truly blessed!