Thursday, April 20, 2017

More News

We had a fun visit from sweet Kim!  We served together in Spain and really grew to love her.  She and I decided we must have been sisters in another life.

Life is so hard er soft? 
My Mom still hosts family dinner every fast Sunday with a huge assist from Donnalyn and her family.  It just delights me to see these cousins playing together and enjoying each other!

I actually made pie for pi day. 
Sweet potato pie

Grapefruit pie. It was really good.
One of our scout leaders had to cancel so Rod went to Mountain Man Rendezvous.

The biggest challenge for our guys was getting the group over this wall!

  And they Made It!  Fantastic! It was a great boost to their confidence. And justly so!

My sister came for a weekend.  We had a wonderful lunch and dinner! I love these women.

Then Rod went with son Keith to 'front sight' for firearm training.  They met up with cousin Joe. 

Two of my menfolk!

We got to meet up with the Lowes at their daughter's wedding reception. 
We love our Family!


Katie said...

Hey I know (and love) a lot of those people!

Geevz said...

How fun! It sounds like a fantastic time.