Tuesday, July 4, 2017


It was fun to go to a granddaughter's kindergarten graduation!  That's her in the middle in the sparkly white dress.

 Afterwards the girls went to Chickfilet.

Big sister got to come to the gradua.

So did big brother...but he wanted to come home with us. So sad.
Our Handsome Weston turned 8.  We sure enjoyed his baptism. I got to give the talk on the Holy Ghost.

                                        Four generations! Our only Castillo grandson!

 The Wach kids got to spend the day with Grammy and PopPop.  This was their tent.

The Tucson  clan invited us to go to the temple dedication with them.  We met up for lunch first.

Grandpa Ekins

 It's a love little temple. 

We even ran into some Blau Cousins.

Beautiful Family

Soon there will be another sister.

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Katie said...

I love seeing my cousins and their kids on your blog--as well as you and my grandma!